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Architectural services

Design, the creation of construction papers, and project management are all included in architectural services. Additionally, architects offer a wide range of services, such as project management, architectural programming, and feasibility studies.

Site plans

A site plan, also known as a plot plan, is a form of drawing used by architects, landscape architects, urban planners, and engineers to represent the current and desired conditions for a specific area, usually a parcel of land that is to be altered.

Floor plans

A floor plan is a technical drawing to scale that depicts the relationships between rooms, spaces, traffic patterns, and other physical characteristics on one level of a structure in architecture and building engineering.


Elevations are a popular design drawing and a technical architectural or engineering standard used to describe building graphically.

Interior drawings

Space planning describes the process of determining the purpose, functional requirements, and basic layout of specific areas in a home or commercial building, and it is an absolutely essential part of the interior design process.

3D views

Using computer animation, 3D rendering is a technique for graphically representing a structure or creating a 3D model of the building.